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You're a lightworker. A healer. A spiritually-centered, chakra-aligned, badass GODDESS. 

But you're craving a deeper connection with a network of women who are like you.

As an empath and someone who cares deeply about the world, you've struggled your whole life to make female friendships that felt authentic. You have a burning desire for connection, but you feel that the other women you've encountered in social circles are judgy, fake AF, and think they're all that.

Your past girlfriends didn't know much or care about essential oils, meditation, energy healing, or Gabby Bernstein.

They'd rather gossip about so-and-so's relationship, complain about their boyfriend, or shame you over your decision to stay home on a Friday night (again).

Your whole life, you’ve had to wear masks in order to fit in, avoid rejection, and desperately try to be the “cool girl”.

That time has come to an end. 

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You want to connect with women who are like you...

Women who are smart, driven, and motivated, but who also understand the importance of a long bubble bath or a nature walk when things start to feel crazy.

Women who are in touch with their spirituality.

Women who are obsessed with personal development and self-help books, who know what chakras are, and who are totally cool with pulling oracle cards for you instead of drowning your sorrows at yet another happy hour.

Women who are able to hold space for you, instead of needing to "fix" your problems or shove their opinions down your throat.

Women who have dreams to change the world, but know that it starts with caring for their own self.

Women who want you to succeed and motivate you, instead of constantly comparing themselves to you and one another to see how they stack up.

You want to connect with women who will empower you to live your most authentic self, and who will love you limitlessly for it.


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  • Support you on your good AND bad days
  • Are there to hold space for you, no matter what you do or don’t say
  • Will never judge you for having one too many glasses of wine
  • Will help you with holistic remedy recommendations for a hangover after said too many glasses of wine
  • Share supportive wisdom and insights, the type of deep, intuitive knowledge that has been passed down through feminine circles since the beginning of time
  • Will listen to you as you reveal your deepest fears, biggest regrets, and scariest decisions, and simply say, "Me too."
  • Lift you up to new heights
  • Remind you that women are capable of anything they set their hearts to
  • Remind you that it's OK to mess up. That it's OK to fail miserably. That it's OK to ask for help. And even more importantly, that it’s OK to reclaim your right to happiness. To put yourself and your health/wellness first. To do the things that light you up, without the fear of success
  • Motivate you. Cheer you on. Empower you to change the world.


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I invite you to be a part of this movement and prove this very point. 

Introducing... The Bliss Circle.  

A 12-week online initiative designed to create a safe, welcoming, and open community for soul-centered women who are craving MORE.

More connection. More compassion. More wisdom. More divine feminine energy. More intuition. More spiritual guidance. More surrendering. More receiving.

This is a space for deep connection, community, inspiration, and empowerment.

It’s also a place that’s free of judgment. We will cut out the drama. Leap past the small talk. Eliminate the bullshit and judgment that plagues so many female social situations.

We will have real, open, authentic, and vulnerable conversations in which you can choose to be an active participant or a passive listener. Your presence will impact the group no matter how much “effort” you put into it. Each woman will bring her own unique life experiences, filter, and energy, and so it is important that we all join together purposely and powerfully.

As a guide, I will ask questions that spark creativity and curiosity. I will help facilitate powerful, transformative conversations. But you will be as much a guide and a teacher as me. You will each have a chance to share, inspire, and uplift one another. To speak your truth. To unleash whatever you’ve been holding back. To release whatever fears you’ve been hiding from, in a safe space of sacred feminine power.

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  • Monthly Zoom calls for 3 months (calls to be held on the evening of the Wednesday before/on the New Moon each month - dates to block off: September 20, October 18, November 15)
  • Access to a small, intimate and private Facebook group for Bliss Circle members
  • Guided journaling prompts
  • Guided meditations
  • Oracle card readings each week
  • Intentions for releasing the past and welcoming love and abundance into the future
  • Other resources and inspiring content to motivate you along the way!
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$47.00/month (total of 3 payments) OR one payment of $111.00 (USD)

Registration ends September 17th, 2017 at 11:59pm MST.

There will only be 15 spots available in The Bliss Circle to maintain an intimate and safe environment - first come, first serve. If you have any questions, shoot me a note via the contact form below.



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See you on the other side. <3


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