Lauren challenges me, supports me, and shows me I have the power within myself. I just have to dig deeper. It’s amazing to have this connection and I am so glad she came into my life! She has helped me so much in such a short amount of time and I’m so thankful!
— Abby C.

Happy Clients

"Lauren was my first EVER life / spiritual coach and she really encouraged me to choose myself and invest in myself—something that I haven’t done in years, if ever really. She was so fun to work with and very down to earth in her approach, it felt like I was talking to a friend who simply had a wealth of spiritual knowledge. Lauren is a great listener and validates your feelings and how shitty situations can be – she is REAL! I always looked forward to our weekly check-in’s and the encouragement that I am on my path, figuring it out and it’s okay to feel exactly how I feel. I not only recommend that you start choosing you, and investing in your own personal growth but that you choose Lauren to be your guide on that path!"

-- Cait S.


"Lauren is pure magic! Every single day I am so grateful that I made the investment in myself by choosing to work with her. She has helped me get clear on the direction I want to take with my business and push me to put myself out there and manifest my dreams into reality. I am also obsessed with the journaling activities. They force me to dig deep within myself and my wants and DREAM BIG. Lauren has helped me understand that I am in control of my life and that I can have everything I want. No dream is too big if you want it badly enough! She pushes me outside of my comfort zone, gets me outside of my head and gets me into the mindset of abundance and success, and I am so freaking grateful for that! If you are looking for someone to help you shift your mindset, dream bigger and make your dreams a reality, Lauren is the girl you want!"

— Lauren R.

"What I love about working with Lauren is that she creates & holds a transformative safe space that allows me to be vulnerable, speak my truth, and show up as who I really am.  As I've poured my heart & soul out into this space, Lauren has always made me feel heard, accepted, and understood. Being able to share my truth in this supportive & loving energy has allowed me to create and open up space in my own mind, in my own energy, and in my heart. With this new loving space, I've had so many incredible insights come up. It's as if I needed to empty out a part of myself in order for new, amazing thoughts & insights to rush in."

— Rachael Q.

"Lauren's group coaching course was immensely helpful for me and what I was going through at the time. I was a new coach, getting ready to launch my first group coaching program myself. In this course, Lauren really created space for me to look at my relationship with anxiety and to choose again. She provided incredible tools, journal prompts, and a safe space for me to really reshape my mindset on anxiety. I truly feel doing this work with her before my own course launch allowed me to show up more powerfully for the women in my own. In working with Lauren 1:1 she did an incredible job of picking up on areas I was blocking myself in - all stemming from worthiness. Even after my first session with Lauren she had already coached me through raising my prices! All in all, working with Lauren has shown me so much about myself, let me heal old stories, and create new beginnings. I'm so grateful for the work I did with her, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to blow the lid off their own expectations in business and self worth!"

- Megan C.


"Lauren is a peach! I think she has great insight into starting a business and how nerve wracking and overwhelming it can be, but she has a great ability to keep it simple and easy to understand. Lauren has an ability to make business fun and takes the stress out of it."

— Snow C.

"You are amazing, truly. Your level of experience, expertise, your heart and soul, empathy and intuition, is both breathtaking and igniting! You are a true lightworker, and your ability to help me and so many others realize our power is unmatched, and I am truly honored to be your student and soul-sista. I hope to embody such wisdom, love and compassion for myself and the world, and rise to be the light in such a strong and empowering way. I find myself at a loss to truly express your level of power and the strength of your light. Thank you, Lauren, for what you do. Thank you for you. I/the world needs you."

— Joy B.

"Thank you for being my rock. You are a huge blessing in my life! Thank you for helping me to understand that I am so much more than my suffering."

— Erika E.