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An 8-week integrative coaching experience to release energetic blocks and cultivate true mind, body and soul connection.

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Are you ready for a true revival of your mind, body, and spirit?

To feel completely connected to your inner guidance and intuition?

To finally stop beating yourself up for not being "there" yet and actually feel WORTHY of your joy?

To create the space for what you TRULY desire to enter your life?

Are you ready to actually DO something with all this personal development/self-help information to create LASTING change?

If so... Revival is going to change everything for you.

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I spent years searching outside myself for answers.

I always felt like I was SO CLOSE to "getting there"... but that hopeful feeling would soon disappear and be replaced by anxiety, panic, stress, depression, and hopelessness.

No matter what I did, or how perfect life appeared from the outside, I never felt like I was doing enough. I never felt GOOD enough.

This included my personal development/spiritual growth. 

No matter how many coaches I worked with, books I read, webinars I attended, podcasts I listened to, or events I attended, I never felt like I was truly learning the lesson. It always felt like a competition, or like time was running out and I needed to be doing MORE.

I was obsessed with "fixing" myself, so that I could finally be happy.

Here's the thing though:

There's nothing you need to FIX.

You are NOT broken.

You are human.

You haven't felt at peace with your life because you haven't truly embodied & integrated the lessons. You're living for others and for outside expectations, and you haven't reconnected to yourself yet. You don't fully trust yourself or your decision making, so you continue to face resistance and overwhelm over and over and over again. 

But that's all about to change. Revival is an 8-week group coaching program that will give you the tools, resources, support, and safe space to dive deep into your personal transformation and truly embody the version of you that you want to become.

This is for you if...

  • You're ready to FINALLY feel at peace with your life and actually BECOME the woman that you've been journaling about
  • You're sick of taking one step forward only to fall two steps back with your self-sabotaging habits and behaviors
  • You're done playing the victim to fear and anxiety
  • You're sick of drowning in confusion and overwhelm because you're so disconnected from yourself
  • You're ready for true balance, integration, and harmony of all pieces of your life... JOY and inner PEACE will become your new normal!
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>> 8 weeks of online course content designed to bring balance and harmony to your mind, body, and spirit through guided exploration and integration of the chakra system, various yoga/Buddhism/eastern philosophies, mindfulness, inner reflection and awareness, and tools & techniques to apply to your daily life

>> Access to a private Facebook group, weekly worksheets, guided meditations, recorded affirmations, assignments with specific techniques to integrate these lessons, and weekly group coaching calls for support


>> A deeper understanding of your body, psychology, spiritual health, and what you REALLY need (true connection to your Inner Knowing)

>> MORE inner peace, harmony, and a deeper sense of self-acceptance and self-love!

Through meditations, affirmations, journaling, and subconscious work, you’ll actually INTEGRATE the knowledge that you learn from the course content.

We'll go deep... into EVERY area of your life. Mindset, psychology, finances, health, sexuality, creativity, spirituality, career/business, relationships, self-love and self-care, speaking your truth, authentic living, goal-setting and habits, intuitive action, mindfulness... ALL. OF. IT!!! You've gotta be ready to dive in and look at ALL parts of yourself, in order to truly transform your life from the inside out. 

It’s not enough to just read personal development books, attend seminars, or listen to podcasts (although those things are all great!!). You have to actually DO something with that information, and let it sink in on a cellular level... so you can APPLY it to your unique life circumstances and make REAL lasting change.

Revival is the launching pad for you to bring deeper awareness to your energetic blocks, and provide you with the tools to bring balance back into your mind, body, and soul. It's what will reset and change EVERYTHING for you moving forward.

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This course will require your TIME, effort, and dedication. Although the content is recorded and yours forever, you'll be expected to commit at least 1-2 hours each week to go through the course content, plus another 30-60 minutes DAILY for meditation, journaling, Facebook group engagement, and subconscious work. This is where TRUE change and transformation happens. It's not enough to simply "learn" new information by listening to me talk at you about these topics. You have to actually DO the work and apply it to your unique life circumstances in order to develop a deeper sense of self-awareness, where your blocks are, releasing energetic blocks, and moving towards your dream life. 

My coaching clients don't get results just because they signed up to work with me.

They get results because they DO the work. They wake up early. They timeblock. They say "no" to things that aren't serving their highest good. They make their health and wellness a priority... and the Universe rewards them for it.

...are you excited yet? If you're ready to invest in your personal development + health like never before... then I'm here to help with your own personal REVIVAL! 

Due to the intimate nature of group coaching, there are very limited spots available for this program. If you're ready to commit to your growth, apply now, and I'll be in touch with next steps. Any questions, email