Hey, I’m Lauren. And I believe you found me here for a reason.


You feel stuck. Uncertain. You keep asking everyone else for answers, reading all the self-help books, and doing the personal development work, but still aren’t finding what you’re looking for.

You know there’s “something more” out there for you - whether it be in your career, your relationships, your physical health, your finances, or just your life in general - but you’re not sure how to get unstuck. You know there are fears and limiting beliefs holding you back, but you can’t figure out how to move past them and take the next step in the right direction.

If that's you, I’m here to help you:

  • Discover that “something more” in your life that you’ve been craving

  • Move toward balance in all areas of your life, including your relationships, finances, physical and emotional health, career/business, spirituality, and sense of adventure 

  • Reconnect to your intuition, Inner Truth, internal GPS... whatever you want to call it! That part of you that just *knows* what you truly desire.

  • Unapologetically be the YOU that you’ve always dreamed to be, but have been held back by fear and that ego mind of yours!

  • Design a life with more balance, inner peace, and BLISS!

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  • You have a deep-rooted sense of groundedness and feel centered in who you truly are and what you’re here to do in your life (without the fear of what others will say/think/do). 

  • Your decisions are in alignment with your Inner Truth across your career, finances, physical and mental health, relationships, and spirituality, creating more confidence & inner peace and less anxiety, stress, and overwhelm.

  • You’ve discovered what blocks and limiting beliefs have been holding you back, and have chosen new, empowering, badass beliefs instead that are moving you toward a life you've always wanted, but couldn't quite figure out how to have.

  • You’ve experienced the inner work and deep transformation that empowers you to now take out into the world and share with others.

  • You courageously & confidently share your message with the world and show up as your most authentic and unapologetic self!


"Lauren is a master at creating a safe, loving space for you to speak your truth and share your story.

During a recent session, Lauren became a witness to my Truth, and made me feel heard, accepted, and understood. By pouring out my heart & soul into this space, I (finally) created the space within my mind, within my heart, and within my energy for NEW thoughts and feelings to emerge."

-Rachael Q., Mindset & Life Coach


You deserve a life of bliss.

You deserve to feel grounded in your authentic self, connected to your spiritual self, and aligned with your deepest desires.

You deserve to follow those intuitive nudges - those little whispers inside that push you to the edge of your comfort zone.

You're ready to trust that part of you that wants something more.

Because it’s in that space that transformation happens.

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"Every single day I am grateful that I made the investment in myself by choosing to work with Lauren.

She has helped me get clear on the direction I want to take with my business and push me to put myself out there and manifest my dreams into reality. I am also obsessed with the journaling activities. They force me to dig deep within myself and my wants and DREAM BIG. She pushes me outside of my comfort zone, gets me outside of my head and gets me into the mindset of abundance and success, and I am so freaking grateful for that!"

-Lauren R., Holistic and Spiritual Lifestyle Coach

Ready for the next step? Apply to work with Lauren and she'll get in touch!

If you're ready to take your personal development and growth to the next level, and your Soul is screaming "HELL YES!" to investing in yourself in a massive, game-changing way... fill out your application to work with me and I'll be in touch with next steps and more details. 

I only work with the highly-committed, and truly believe in the Universe bringing us together at the EXACT time when you are most ready for me (and when I am most ready for you!), which is why I value these discovery calls so much!


This is for you if...

  • You’re an action-taker and a doer.

  • You’re OBSESSED with personal development, learning more about yourself and bettering yourself every day.

  • You're into the Law of Attraction, manifesting, meditation, and other spiritual practices.

  • You’re ready to invest in yourself & your future by doing the deep inner work and the personal transformation required to uplevel and play a bigger game.

This is NOT for you if...

  • You are easily offended by cuss words. (Sorry, not sorry.)

  • You are looking for a quick-fix or easy solution to your problems. This work isn't easy.

  • You’re not ACTUALLY ready to take action and change your life yet. You aren’t ACTUALLY at the point of “Enough is enough.”

  • You refuse to give up your people-pleasing and perfectionist tendencies.


So, you ready or what?!

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