Do you feel controlled by your anxiety & fears? Like you can’t focus on what’s really important in your life or business whenever anxiety decides to show up?

Do you get paralyzed by the fear of having anxiety or panic attacks?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the thoughts of needing to “fix” your anxiety or “get back to normal”?

Do you feel guilty for having anxiety when there’s nothing that apparently “wrong” with your life?

Are you tired of people asking what your “trigger” is and having no freaking idea what to tell them?

Are you DONE with anxiety running your life?



I let anxiety and fear run my life for WAY too long. I was paralyzed by my fears and I let anxiety take total control of me. 

But it got to a point where I knew I needed to reevaluate everything I thought I knew about anxiety and how it affected my life in general.  

I knew I needed help to see my anxiety differently. I asked the Universe for guidance, and I realized that the anxiety wasn't something I needed to "get rid of" or "fix", but that it was actually one of my greatest gifts.

I saw that the anxiety was there for a reason. It was showing me that my life was way out of alignment and that I had been ignoring my intuition, big time. And it was a sign that it was time to make some drastic changes.


Master Your Anxiety Mindset was designed to help you see your anxiety from a new perspective & to take back control of your life.

You are NOT your anxiety, you are NOT your emotions, and you are ALWAYS in control of choosing a new reality for yourself.

Got it? Great!

Now, you’re probably asking: But how do I create a new reality for myself when I’m so anxious and afraid ALL the time? How do I get over my anxiety when nothing I’ve tried has worked?

I get it. I was there, too - not too long ago. But before I tell you more, let me paint a picture for you…


Imagine life when...

  • Instead of fighting your anxiety every second of the day, you're at peace with it

  • You have more control over your anxiety and mood swings, instead of always feeling like a victim to your emotions

  • You’ve learned tools and techniques to help you calm the F down

  • You're more present and grateful on a day-to-day basis

  • You've discovered a new perspective on what anxiety is, why you have it, and you’re actually THANKFUL for your anxiety!

...Sounds nice, huh?

That is EXACTLY what you will get from the Master Your Anxiety Mindset Course.

This course is a total MINDSET MAKEOVER for anxiety.


Master Your Anxiety Mindset is a four-week, online course created to give you the tools, resources, and perspective-shift you need to take back control of your anxiety. No longer will your anxiety run your life. You will actually use it as a tool to help you create your BEST life imaginable!!! 

Master Your Anxiety Mindset provides you with the framework on HOW and WHY your brain reacts to anxiety the way it does, gives you more clarity on your thoughts, fears, and stories around anxiety, and provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to reframe your limiting beliefs of anxiety to become more positive, empowering, and compassionate.

Because when you change your beliefs about anxiety and what it means to experience it, EVERYTHING changes. You can literally create a new reality for yourself! 


This course will challenge you to think about anxiety (and all emotions) differently, pushing you to reframe your perspective and take back control of your happiness.

At the end of the four weeks, you will feel more aligned and balanced, less anxious and stressed, and equipped with the tools you need to take back control over your anxiety through mindset and mindfulness techniques including meditation, journaling, and community support.


Here’s a brief rundown of the topics covered:

Module 1: Understanding Anxiety and its Purpose

Module 2: How does my Mindset Affect Anxiety?

Module 3: Moving Through Anxiety and Overcoming Fear

Module 4: Techniques and Resources to Reduce Anxiety and Increase Inner Peace

The course includes weekly videos, journaling prompts and exercises, and ongoing support through a private Facebook group. You’ll also walk away with a comprehensive resource guide filled with recommended podcasts, books, websites, and additional content to continue to explore the topics covered in this course.

  • You’re a high achiever and are sick of anxiety running your life
  • You're ready to take action toward moving through anxiety and the fears holding you back
  • You’re obsessed with personal development and improving yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually
  • You believe, or are willing to believe, that you’re in control of your life (or that you’re in control alongside the guidance/support of Something Bigger – God, the Universe, Spirit, Buddha, whatever you call it)
  • You don’t mind a cuss word used here and there
  • You’re able to laugh at yourself. This is not a stuffy self-help course full of affirmations and tissue boxes (although there’s nothing wrong with that… it’s just not how I roll). This course is a serious topic, delivered light-heartedly. I believe in the power of humor, laughter, smiling, and taking ourselves less seriously when it comes to healing!
  • You’re open-minded and able to take the things that work for you and leave behind what doesn’t without judgment.
  • You're looking for a quick & easy way to “get rid of” your anxiety. This course won’t teach you how to get rid of it, but rather how to relate to it differently so that you can find more peace and balance (even in moments of stress and panic).
  • You do not believe, or cannot be willing to believe, that you're in control of your life. If you don’t believe you’re at least somewhat in control of what’s going on, then 99.99% of the course material will not resonate with you!
  • You are suicidal and/or dealing with extreme cases of anxiety / mental health issues. I am not a doctor. I’m not a therapist or a medical professional in any way. Which is important to know, because extreme anxiety is a mental health problem, and you may need to work with a licensed professional. If you’re looking for resources, check out this website.

*Release your limiting beliefs, fears, and bullshit stories around anxiety once and for all

*Choose a new story about anxiety and adopt new empowering beliefs

*Gain more clarity on why you’re experiencing anxiety and uncover what it means for you on your unique personal & spiritual journey

*Learn techniques and gain new resources to help ease anxiety and panic, including guided meditations, journaling, mindfulness, and breathing techniques

…then save your spot TODAY!!!


The Investment:

The investment for the four-week course is currently being offered at $297.00 (USD).

A VIP ticket is also available, including BONUS material of extra guided journaling and mindset exercises, plus a 60-minute 1:1 coaching session with Lauren (valued at $250) - all for just $444! 


Are you ready to take control in creating your new anxiety mindset? Grab your spot for Master Your Anxiety Mindset now! Just submit payment below, and keep an eye out for next steps via email.

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  • I need this course! How soon can I get started?!

Once you make your payment, you will receive next steps and instructions via email within 24 hours, and can get started immediately! 

  • How long will the course take? What if I fall behind on the course materials?

Master Your Anxiety Mindset is a four-week course, with new videos and modules shared at the beginning of each week. There will be exercises and assignments to complete throughout the four weeks, but if you fall behind at any time, you will have access to the video recordings FOREVER, so you can complete the course on your own time! 

  • How can I know this will work for me? Are results guaranteed?

If you've tried to overcome your anxiety and have found little to no luck... then what do you have to lose? While results aren't guaranteed, I do guarantee that if you can change your mindset and perspective on anxiety, fear, and panic, you will become a different person. Once you change your thoughts around anxiety, you will start to become comfortable with and more confident in your abilities to deal with anxiety and fear. This will up-level your life in immeasurable ways!

  • What if I don't have the money right now, or I think this course is too expensive?

I urge you to think about how much your suffering from anxiety is currently costing you, physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. How are your relationships being affected? How is your work being affected? When you think about how much you are actually spending every day, week, month and year because of your anxiety, then spending money on a course like this becomes a no-brainer. Investing in yourself and your wellbeing is the BEST thing you can do for yourself!


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