How to Live in Alignment

As a mindset and wellness coach, I frequently talk with my clients about living in alignment. But what does it mean to live in alignment? And how can you start to take aligned action in your life?


Alignment occurs when your external reality (what goes on during your day-to-day: your relationship, your job, your finances, your community, your social life, your diet, your physical health, your level of happiness, etc.) matches up with your internal Truth (which is made of your core values, your dreams and aspirations, and who you truly are on a Soul level). Alignment is when your internal world is mirrored back at you by the external reality, and your external world is matching your internal truth. And let me just say, it’s pretty freakin' groovy.


So how can we get more alignment in our lives? Here are three easy steps to start taking aligned action in your life today:



The first step is to get clear on what your values are. What things do you hold most important in life? Your values are usually the why behind major goals or dreams that you might have. For example, I knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Why did I want that? Because I wanted to create my own business, work on my own terms, and design a life that I loved. Why did I want those things? Because they allowed me freedom, creativity, authenticity, and connection with others, which I now know are my top core values. The end result of the goal was in line with my values, which is why it felt so damn good and I was so passionate about it!



The second step is to identify which areas of your life are not in alignment with your values. How does your job measure up to what is most important to you? What about your current relationship, your group of friends, or your daily habits and routines? Take an inventory of what is currently in front of you, what you want it to be, and see how big of a gap there is between the two. This will give you an idea of how in alignment you are overall and will highlight areas that might need more attention.



The third step is to change the things you have control over, and to change your mindset about the things you don’t. If there are people or situations in your life that are no longer serving you, have the courage and self-respect to walk away. If there’s something that is beyond your control or might not be possible to do at the moment, change your mindset about it. Your thoughts are ALWAYS within your control, and the way you react and respond to things is directly related to your overall wellbeing. Start to take daily aligned action that will bring you closer to your goals and in the direction of where you’re headed.


It’s also important to be aligned mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We need balance across all four areas of our lives in order to be truly happy and fulfilled human beings. So when one area of our life is in alignment - for example, our daily exercise routine and balanced nutrition may support our core value of maintaining good health, but if we are working crazy hours at work and overly stressed out every day, then our mental health is out of whack with that value. Makes sense, yeah?


When we can get clear on what we truly want, adjust our thoughts about outside circumstances, and take aligned action toward our goals, the more we start to live in alignment with our True Self, and the happier we become. Start now and notice how the outside world will start to mirror your Truth back to you. <3