Here's What Happens When You Follow Your Truth

follow your truth.jpeg

It can take time for logic to catch up to your intuition. Trust it anyway.

There are decisions you will make in life that come from your heart - things like quitting a soul-sucking job, or ending a relationship that’s no longer serving you, or booking a one-way flight somewhere you’ve never been, or starting your business, or sharing your truth in a vulnerable way.

Your ego mind will try to talk you out of it, and come up with excuses or justifications as to why you should or shouldn’t do the thing.

Your ego mind will try to tell you all the reasons you can’t, or what it will mean if you do, or what people might think of you. It will replay past stories about how you’re not good enough, or you’ll never be smart enough, or how everything you have tried like this in the past has failed.

Do it anyway.

You will probably experience a post-intuitive-action-taking hangover, during which you think “WTF did I just do?” and “Who am I to think I could ____?” or something similar.

You might even experience anxiety, depression, sadness, confusion, or a sense of distrust in yourself.

Know that that’s normal. It’s just your ego mind freaking out, trying to maintain its false sense of control.

The worst thing you can do at this point is hiding in fear - to stop taking action, to stop listening to your heart, to stop following your intuition.

The best thing you can do at this point (and often the hardest) is to trust and surrender to whatever you believe is guiding you. Then trust and surrender some more.

And then? The next time you hear that inner voice, that nudge, that whisper to your Soul -- follow it again. And again. And again.

Even if it doesn’t make sense.

Even if your ego mind is confused AF.

Even if you’re scared out of your mind.

Keep following that inner guidance. Keep trusting. Keep surrendering.

Until it gets to the point where your logic FINALLY catches up, and you can see the proof. You can see the reason why it all happened the way it did. You will look back on your life and see how every decision and every experience, good and bad, led you to where you are today. You will see how it all matters.

Your inner truth is like a compass, leading you to exactly what’s meant for you.

But it starts with you following it.


And try to have some fun along the way.