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You've been thinking about starting a coaching business for a while now.

You've read the personal development books, taken online courses, and done your fair share of following other coaches online to see what's up.

You've daydreamed about having a business that allows you to work from anywhere in the world, whenever you want, in your pajamas while dancing around to Taylor Swift (or whatever it is you do with that much freedom). You can practically feel the $10K+ months and the bank account growing while you do work that feels good to you, because you're literally helping change people's lives.

You're ready to step it up. To jump to the next level. You’re ready to invest in your personal and spiritual growth to actually BECOME the inspiring coach (and human being) that you’ve always wanted to be.


So... what's holding you back?

The FEAR, anxiety, overwhelm, and pressure of doing it all "right" instead of doing it YOUR way. 

You want to create a coaching business in a way that FEELS good to you. None of this marketing/business strategy stuff that feels forced, spammy, or inauthentic. You want to provide real value for people and to help them discover what it’s like to believe in themselves.

But it starts with you becoming the best version of yourself so you can be capable of inspiring others to do the same.


Introducing... the Be Your Bliss Coaching Apprenticeship!

This unique apprenticeship program includes private 1:1 support to help you:

  • Get clear on your message and your unique business/life mission (your “why”)

  • Define your target audience and niche

  • Create your first coaching packages and offers

  • Gain confidence in yourself and the value you can bring to your coaching clients

  • Learn how to have powerful discovery calls that lead to paying clients

  • Understand how to tap into the powers of manifesting and the Law of Attraction in your business

  • Grow your coaching business in a way that feels in alignment, with less stress, overwhelm, and anxiety around what you “should” be doing and more focus on what your intuition is telling you to do


***PLUS, you’ll also receive:

  • Access to group coaching calls with like-minded soulpreneurs (entrepreneurs with a mission!)
  • Weekly guided journaling prompts to dig deeper
  • VIP access to value-added trainings, including how to have discovery calls, how to “find” your clients online, how to move past the fears that hold you back from taking action, and the value of heart-centered and holistic coaching
  • Customized goals & habits tracker to keep you accountable for your physical, mindset, relationships, and business goals

-Rachael Q., Mindset and Transformational Life Coach

-Rachael Q., Mindset and Transformational Life Coach

What I love about Lauren’s coaching program is that I now KNOW and BELIEVE in Life Coaching as a life-transforming and world-transforming industry and career. A career that feels so in alignment with my Higher Self, my values, and my goals. Before working with Lauren, this whole life coaching thing was just a really good idea in my head. Now, thanks to the transformation that I’ve experienced from the inside out during this program, I can move forward in my life with full belief, life experience, and alignment in my life & business.


    The Be Your Bliss Apprenticeship is for you IF:

    • You are a new or aspiring coach who wants to create a business that brings you bliss and fulfillment in your daily life (say it with me: “I feel abundant AF.”)

    • You’re purpose-driven. You have a mission to make the world a better place through your work, and you want to inspire others to rise up with you.

    • You don’t want to come across as “salesy” or inauthentic. You want to reach people in a valuable, authentic way without all the BS.

    • You want to create a lifestyle and coaching business that’s in alignment with who you REALLY are. You’re done wearing masks and pretending to be a certain way to make other people happy, and you’re ready to boldly step into your truth.

    • You’re ready to come out of the coaching closet and take MASSIVE action to build your business, share your message, sign your first paying coaching clients, grow your tribe and create a movement!

    If this sounds like you, then I want to speak with you!  I will teach you everything I know about starting a coaching business in a way that feels in alignment with your truth, even if you’re still in a 9-to-5 job or aren’t 100% sure on how to take the first steps.

    Book your complimentary discovery call to find out if we're a good fit to work together!

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    • You have a deep-rooted sense of groundedness and feel centered in who you truly are and what you’re here to do in your life and business (without the fear of what others will say/think/do).

    • Your decisions are in alignment with your Inner Truth across your business, finances, physical and mental health, relationships, and spiritual connection, creating more confidence & inner peace and less anxiety, stress, and overwhelm.

    • You’ve discovered what blocks and limiting beliefs have been holding you back, and have chosen new, empowering, badass beliefs instead that are moving you towards a business and life you've always wanted, but couldn't quite figure out how to have.

    • You’ve experienced the inner work and deep transformation that empowers you to now take out into the world and share with your very own coaching clients.

    • You courageously & confidently share your message with the world, building a coaching business that inspires others while bringing you the income and lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

    Ready for the next step? Book your complimentary discovery call below.

    I only work with the highly-committed, and truly believe in the Universe bringing us together at the EXACT time when you are most ready for me (and when I am most ready for you!), which is why I value these discovery calls so much! This isn't a sales call... this is an actual coaching conversation to see if we are a good fit to continue working together one-on-one.