Get ready to create a life of bliss.


I'm Lauren, and I help people help other people. My coaching practice is focused around helping you become the BEST version of yourself through mindset, spiritual, and personal development, so that you can design a life and business with more BLISS. Are you ready?



Becoming the best version of yourself means surrounding yourself with people who lift you up and inspire you. Be Your Bliss is a free Facebook group filled with lightworkers, soulpreneurs, and purpose-driven humans who can motivate, inspire, and empower you.

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Private Coaching 

Are you ready to discover the "something more" out there that you've been looking for? To move past the fears and limiting beliefs that have been blocking you and keeping you stuck? Are you ready to work with a coach who will inspire, motivate, and hold space for you to become the BEST version of yourself? If so... read more about working with me 1:1 and book your complimentary discovery call.

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Hi, I'm Lauren!

I'm a Certified Integrative Health & Wellness Life Coach and Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) currently living in Phoenix, AZ. But those are just labels attached to my name... and I hate labels.


"Lauren is pure magic! Every single day I am so grateful that I made the investment in myself by choosing to work with her."

— Lauren R., Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Ontario


Soulmate Clients

"When the student is ready, the teacher appears." I believe we are meant to work together at a specific time in your life, in a way that serves the highest good for all. Find out what people are saying about working with me to see what I mean.